Newstead at work at Woolley
Shunting ore tipplers at the colliery
Newstead starting to look tired towards the end of her working life
Newstead arrives in Hertfordshire in the 1970s
Protected under temporary sheltering after arrival in Hertfordshire
In a dismantled state at Suffolk Steam
The boiler removed from the frames at Suffolk Steam for attenton
The engine is gradually reassembled
Working in the smokebox at Suffolk Steam as an engineer
The engine arrives at the Convent
Creeping between the foliage in the Convent grounds
Now in primer, the shed construction begins around the engine
The engine is protected with a coat of primer
Undercoat of red is applied
Inside the shed after years away from the public
Newstead's shed hidden in years of wild growth
Outside for the first time in nearly thirty years
Realigning track to get Newstead to the lorry
Local farmers came with tractors and diggers to tow Newstead to the lorry
Newstead in the Convent grounds
On the lorry at last
Setting off for her new home
Newstead at Wansford
Alex Gray rubs down the saddle tank
After some attention at Wansford
Cabs away
Boiler away
Crane lifts the boiler out
Volunteers work between the frames
Frames in Wansford Yard
Shunting for lorry loading
Loading on the lorry
Nestead bids Wansford farewell
The engine arrives at Tunbridge Wells West
Rolling carefully off the lorry
Jamie Craig gives an interview to a news crew about the engine's arrival
Newstead under cover in the TWW Shed