Not so very long ago, there was an engine working in a colliery. After being retired, she disappeared. The world presumed her scrapped and gradually forgot about her.

But her story was not over...

Built in 1929, "Newstead" spent her entire working life at Collieries in Yorkshire,before vanishing from the record books. Many believed she had been scrapped but,in 2016, she was found - dusty but intact - next to a monastery in Hertfordshire.

Now residing on the Spa Valley Railway at Tunbridge Wells, this 'lost' engine is undergoing a thorough overhaul to bring her back to steam.

The exciting prospect of seeing "Newstead" chuffing along the rails again is becoming a reality, and our team is steadily growing too. The restoration is being undertaken by a small group of volunteers - and we'd love it if you wanted to join in our adventure as we bring a steam engine back to life! The very first people to drive "Newstead" will be those that gave their time to restore her. No skills are needed, and there is no minimum commitment; whether you can only spare the odd day in a month, or regular weekends, you will be most welcome.